Intranet 1.Establish and Maintenance of Internet System:
    Assistanting to found the administrative net within the enterprise, connecting to the Internet, insuring the normal operation of NS.
    Establishing the efficient NS with the exsisting hardware resouce to meet the client's goals.
2.Exploiture on Programe:
    Exploiting the procedure for the electronic business functioned via the fully used Internet resouce.
    Developing various of management software complied with the client's requests.
    Develop the related software for DBMS and dealing with E-mail.
    Exploiting the programe with the up-to-date Shockwave & Java.
3.the Related Consultation with Internet:
    Providing the support for electronic business functioned by Internet.
    Rationally arranging the whole consultative service from exploiture, issue to ad. propaganda.
4.Layout and Make for CD_ROM:
    Making the CD_ROM disk of their own complied with the client's requeats, just all sorts of necessary throwaways in the process of producing and selling, such as introduction about the company and products, after-sale and so on.

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